Our Process

1. Contact

There are several easy ways to contact Point of View Designs! Fill in the handy form on the contact page and give me some details about your project(s). You can also call, text or e-mail. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

My goal is to hear about your needs, capture your project details, understand your goals, and get your project moving in a timely manner. I know your time is valuable, so using the contact form is a great way to give me an idea of the scope of your project in advance.

2. Planning & Strategy

My aim in the initial discussion is to learn everything I can about your business, your new project details and how I can best serve your needs.

In this important phase we take all the information we have gathered and learned about your company and begin brainstorming ideas, discuss concepts, direction, possible themes and best ideas based on your needs and budget. I develop the concept and discuss how to best fine tune your branding and advertising strategies.

3. Design & Development

This is where some really great things start to take place for you as a new client. In this phase, I take everything we have developed in our previous stages and begin shaping all the best ideas, copy, and art, so that it works seamlessly with the branding goals. I am focused on creating a dynamic brand and want to build your company into something memorable for your customers. I will communicate with you the entire way and adjust as we go to make sure all elements work to achieve the collective goals.

4. Delivery & Launch

After all the weeks of hard work, brainstorming, planning, developing, and editing the project elements, and when we feel the overall project is ready to present, we then meet with you present our new ideas. After presenting our ideas we, of course, can make any refinements if needed. Once we have everything in place and we final approval by you, we will handle all of the elements necessary to launch your campaign. Our goal is to make you look like a million without spending a million!

Let's get started!

Now that you have seen our process... let's get started with your project!